Unfinished business by Nae Howard

... Making work and leaving it at a stand still sucks... Things I must finish..

\Stü\ˈpä-lə-tiks\ by Nae Howard

As a mini-series of open discussions with various groups of young men of color, Stoopolitics’ mission is to capture and reveal the opinions, emotions, and passions of a diverse set of individuals in a manner that deconstructs traditional stereotypes, and sheds light on the promising futures of minority males living in America.

HAIR CARE by Nae Howard

I've always been asked how I get my hair to do what it does... I never knew how to answer this question because my hair has always did what it wanted. The "natural look" has made a come back heavy in 2013. I believe it is awesome that we embrace ourselves, but I understand the need to embrace other ideals. Nevertheless, whenever I was approached with an out stretched curious hand to my head, I always wondered how others try and achieved hair styles similar to mine... Like what do they put in? How long does it take to achieve that look, and is this just their " I just got back from a caribbean getaway hair"? 

Hair is a true extension of ones personality...

Trip to the hair supply store with Ms. Jackson + My collection..

My fro!

​$0µeTHîNG NU by Nae Howard

$CVR FVÇE / Wonder Woman

Mixed Medium/ Drawing/ Digital Painting


Commissioned Wonder woman piece.

Mixed Media/ Drawing/ Digital Painting



Digital Painting


Brown Swing II

Mixed Medium/ Digital Painting/ Drawing/ Spray Paint & Epoxy


Eyebrows & GrillZ by Nae Howard

In the past few months these popular trends have infested all of my newsfeeds and even yanked me by the collar in passing.  Eyebrows naturally - frame the face. They are the true distinguisher of a bad hairline and they accentuate ones forehead to the max. However, the 2013 eyebrows have a mind of  their own and are truly magical. When people adorn them I tend to escape in to a comic book alter ego, because to me they  look action packed! I dig them... They are a few steps away from a Kung Fu masters brows but they have the stamina to get there.  As for grillZ!! I copped a pair for myself while in high school. I was the only little kid in my catholic school getting written up by deans because of my fashion choices that blatantly disregarded school dress code. So its cool to see the all gold everything I coped were an investment lol. The expressive eye brows and snarling grillz are adornment that is forceful... it shows change un-containment and creativity and I can alway get with that...

The Eye Brow breakdown... check out this guys tumblr.

One for the working GIRLS by Nae Howard

This post is dedicated to the working girls... From Magic City and Stadium, K.O.D or Perfections to the little strip joint up the road from you... I must give it to these bright-eyed scheming ladies.  What was once faux-paus is now glorified and decorated with anthems.  And though I am still uncertain about it all - because I question the praise these women receive as a result of their booty poppin' jerkin' and thrustin'. Watching them climb the poll is an amazing feet! They are looked at as spectacles, true wonders of the world. Objectified by men and women alike yet honored in the same breath for their occupation... Nonetheless, the concern I have is the understanding of what is real and what is not in this image impulsive age. It seems too easy to now take this route and get a job as a stripper because of the the thought of your life being changed at warp speeds if you run into the right tipper... Yet - whatever your position maybe on these ladies and their life styles, the truth is they work hard for their dollars and I guess as time prevails we will always "love them strippers"...


Olympia Rain | 2013 | Simply LemoNae 

Digital Painting

Maliah Wash Woman | 2013 | Simply LemoNae 

Digital Painting

shout out to badgalriri!

Music maybe? by Nae Howard

music is a huge influence in my work. the imagery in the wording of songs are amazing! a listener will always find a few words that they connect to and hang off of.  and I must admit although rap music is so subjective in its ideologies of beauty, power,  and respect - the way in which the word play is jelled together with the beats and music its amazing. it is a guilty pleasure I can not help... 

But here are some examples of different music I dig that captivate my mind! More will be on the way !